We are not the only ones trying to make a change in the industry. A list of friends and like minded organisations in the vet industry are provided below. Consider donating today!

Flynn's Walk

Flynn’s Walk

Flynn’s Walk is a small and emerging Australian registered charity and endorsed deductible gift recipient (DGR).

Flynn’s walk is working to bring together the community, encourage meaningful conversations and spread awareness of the mental health challenges faced by veterinary and para-veterinary professionals in their line of work.

Flynn's Walk

Love Your Pet Love Your Vet

A registered charity in Australia leading the way in increasing wellbeing in the veterinary industry, raising awareness and building community support to highlight and address the disproportionately high rate of suicide within this profession, and providing psychological and educational support to veterinary and animal workers around the world.

Love Your Pet Love Your Vet

Sustainable Veterinary Careers

Sustainable Veterinary Careers (SVC) aims to change the way it feels to learn and work in the veterinary industry, by increasing widespread access to non-clinical knowledge, skills and resources.

Sustainable Veterinary Careers

Pet Medical Crisis (PMC)

Pet Medical Crisis (PMC) ensure Australian Pensioners who are struggling financially have the opportunity to give their loved pet the best chance of survival when veterinary care is needed.

PMC empowers owners by providing their loved pet with veterinary care.

The charity raises funds to assist pensioners in necessitous circumstances / financial difficulties. We do this by assisting with the costs of medical intervention for their companion pets. The pet owner’s inability to fund the care would otherwise result in unsustainable debt, death or significantly impact quality of life.

Pet Medical Crisis
The industry

We want to thank the tireless, caring, and compassionate workers in the vet industry. Your passion and drive to make the industry a better place by contacting us, participating in surveys, or by working with us has been an amazing help.

A truly heartfelt thankyou. We will continue to work towards a safer workplace for you.


To those of you who have donated (whether time, resources, or funding) thankyou. We are a small team that without our donators, could not have the impact we are having today. You have made Sophie’s Legacy possible.