Saving the people who
our animals
About Sophie's Legacy

A mental health crisis in the veterinary industry is costing lives. We’re striving to save them.

We (Kate, Garry, Tom, and Oliver) established Sophie’s Legacy, now a registered charity, following the death of our much-loved daughter and sister, Dr Sophie Putland.

Sophie took her own life at age 33 on September 4th, 2021, while working as a vet in Melbourne. She was working in a profession she loved and was passionate about. But the stress that came with it took its toll.

Over the last three decades the rate of suicide in this profession has steadily increased with research confirming that veterinarians are four times more likely to die by suicide than the general population, and two times more likely than any other health professional.

What is Sophie's Legacy
Sophie’s Legacy aims to honour Sophie by helping to make the vet
industry safer.

Our first campaign was to conduct a survey and gain industry insights. It attracted responses from almost 600 vets and staff in 10 days, many of whom were aged under 35. The respondents fearlessly and frankly outlined the critical issues facing the industry including client abuse, excessive workloads and hours, and vet and staff shortages.

Via our active social media accounts, we now receive correspondence from people the worldover. We know the reality of your experience and are speaking out for you.

Change is possible.

Spreading awareness and understanding.
We are here to make change

We’ve developed a strategic plan that includes promoting workplaces where veterinary staff can thrive, engaging with industry and government to influence positive change, and creating public awareness of the crisis along with ideas on
how to help.
Our Vision | The Why

Key Outcomes | Vet Staff

To promote a safe and nurturing environment in which all veterinary staff can flourish

Key Outcomes | Public

Alert all Australians to the mental health crisis within the vet industry and create positive change through education and advocacy

Key Outcomes | Government

Engage with industry and government to promote sustainable workplace change & influence policy

It’s time for change.
How can you help support Sophie’s Legacy?

Know the issues, that’s our biggest plea. Share them too.

Make the promise to treat all veterinary staff with the necessary respect, whether you’re visiting a clinic or working in one. Kindness spreads.

You can donate, grab some wonderful Sophie’s Legacy merchandise to display our logo and kick start important conversations. And we welcome ideas to collaborate.

Together we can
make a difference.
Thanks to your support we’ve raised over $65,000 which goes directly to making change.
We would love to see you connect with us

We also have a growing social media following that we actively nurture. It’s a valuable space to provide education, share event information and create connections between like-minded people.