Saving the people who
our animals

There is a mental health crisis in the veterinary industry that needs fixing and we know the answer is not just one thing. It’s complex.

But this we know for sure, Sophie’s Legacy is committed to making a difference.

  • We see you, we defend you, and we are encouraging others to do the same.
  • We are speaking up to reduce the stigma about mental health.
  • We are speaking up to dispel myths about veterinary wages and fees.
  • We are speaking up to raise awareness of your daily reality.
  • And we are speaking to you directly (staff and students), imploring you to take care of yourselves.

For many people, working in this industry is like a calling. We want to make sure you enjoy it.

What is Sophie's Legacy
Removing the stigma
Well being
Personal wellbeing

We know this industry is hard to get into and that staying can be harder, especially without self care and support.

Our list of resources includes people, places and articles that you can turn to for guidance.

It’s okay to seek help.

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Supporting you to thrive
Creating positive workplace culture

As official partners of the Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business we are proud to promote their online courses and in-person events aimed at improving the lives of veterinary staff, particularly their Leadership Audit that helps clinics create superior workplaces.

We also know the benefits of a workplace proficient in mental health first aid.

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