Saving the people who
our animals
Lincoln Insitute of Veterinary Business.

For over a decade, the Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business has provided contemporary, evidence-based education and support. Their mission is to safeguard the wellbeing of animals and the extraordinary professionals that care for them through bespoke leadership, business, and non-technical competency development programs.

In February 2024, we announced our official partnership, aimed at improving the mental wellbeing and fulfilment of staff in veterinary practices.

What is Sophie's Legacy

This initiative leverages Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business’ expertise in leadership and culture development and combines it with our advocacy to create a brighter future for all veterinary professionals.

Evidence suggests getting the culture and leadership right in a veterinary practice has significant benefits to both the people in the business and the business bottom line. We are working together not only to honour Sophie’s memory, but also to contribute significantly to a psychologically safer and more sustainable veterinary profession.

Removing the stigma
Well being
The Leadership Audit

As a token of gratitude for the invaluable support and participation of webinar attendees, we offered them an exclusive opportunity to purchase a Lincoln Institute Leadership Audit at a reduced rate. Every dollar saved from this offer went directly to Sophie’s Legacy.

A leadership audit provides a comprehensive assessment of workplace culture, human resource management, and business acumen. It illuminates the blind spots that hinder progress, empowering you with invaluable insights. By cultivating superior workplaces, you actively contribute to the solution. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.

"We can create a better team culture because we’re now listening to what they really think, not what we think they think. - Sugarland Animal Hospital"

For a limited time, you can also access this special offer.

Normally $950, purchase one for $495.
100% of the proceeds go to Sophie’s Legacy.

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They signed up to save lives, now they're the ones who need saving.
Sick As A Dog
Sick As A Dog podcast

Caroline Winter is a dog-loving, award winning journalist and podcast producer.

Sick As A Dog is her 8-part podcast series about the crisis in the veterinary industry which not only explores the issues but also seeks solutions.

Kate and Garry Putland shared Sophie’s story with Caroline as part of the series.

The podcast has reached thousands of listeners across Australia, NZ, US, UK and Europe and gained significant media attention. It earned Caroline a nomination in the Australian Podcast Awards, the Sound/Vision Journalism Award from The Mental Health Service Media Awards of Australia and New Zealand 2023, and an SA Press Club Award for Best Podcast 2023.

Caroline is an integral member of our team.

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